Google Cloud is launching an exclusive AI management platform

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Artificial intelligence is becoming ever more ubiquitous among businesses, but a new platform available via Google Cloud promises to further accelerate this growth., a new pay-as-you-go solution, claims to allow companies outside of the Fortune 500, which lack extensive data science knowledge, to build, deploy, and manage AI projects in the cloud

The Paris-based start-up behind the platform, founded in 2016 and led by chief executive Tuncay Isik, says its customers include delivery company La Poste, French banking group BPCE Group, and pharmaceutical company MLOps.

The solution has been built on Google Cloud itself and is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

How does it work? says users can start building and deploying models immediately after subscribing via Google Cloud Marketplace, with no long-term contracts, licensing, or per-user fees.

Once historical data is imported, whether it exists in buckets or in an SQL data source like BigQuery, users can start applying their own models inside, or use the platform to build their own model.

Customers can use to experiment with new machine learning models, automate training and prediction tasks, and deploy scalable working models, as well as to monitor infrastructure and model behavior to understand changes in resource utilization and underlying data. claims its use cases include allowing utilities companies to better forecast their energy consumption, as well as enabling transportation companies to build machine learning models that can inform logistical operations based on fluctuating supply and demand.

User spending on's platform will be added to their overall spending on Google Cloud. 

Google Cloud has continued to expand the range of products it offers over the past year. Earlier this month, the company announced it is expanding into the data lake storage business through a new product called BigLake, which is based on its BigQuery service.

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