Gmail could finally be coming to your Android smartwatch

Google Pixel Watch
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Google’s latest attempt at a smartwatch has really given Apple something to worry about, but it’s not just the price that’s attractive, because new Wear OS devices like the Pixel Watch may soon be more capable than initially thought.

According to rumours noticed by 9To5Google, the tech giant is reportedly working on redesigned Gmail and Calendar apps that could be making their way to Wear OS. 

As yet, neither app is available on Google fans’ wrists, which 9To5Google suggests could be because of the company’s “reliance” on rich notifications that allow users to interact with the content without fully opening the app, which is easier to pull off on the larger display of a smartphone.

Gmail for Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch currently ships with the Agenda app, which shows a three-day view of upcoming events but lacks the ability to create new entries (besides using the built-in Google Assistant).

And although there's no dedicated Gmail app, users are still able to receive notifications that are mirrored from their connected smartphone, as is the case with the Apple Watch when there is no watchOS app available. 

Up to now, this has been fine for checking incoming mail, but sending even a short reply has required a connected Android phone.

9To5Google notes that it has “learned that Google is testing both Gmail and Calendar for Wear OS”, the experience for which promises to be “full”, hinting at dedicated Google Workspace apps with better interaction, like the ability to create new events or emails, though we’ll have to wait and see what's on the horizon.

In contrast, all versions of watchOS for the Apple Watch have included versions of its dedicated Mail and Calendar apps, which have received incremental updates alongside respective iOS updates. 

For now, some Pixel Watch users may find greater benefit in using the dedicated Outlook Wear OS app for their email services rather than receiving notifications only from their phone’s Gmail app on their wrist.

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