Xbox Film Club offers advanced screenings

First rule of Xbox FIlm Club? Don't talk about Xbox Film Club...

UK Xbox Live users could find themselves watching the hottest new films before they are released with the launch of a new film club by Microsoft.

Xbox Live Film Club will run competitions that allow users to win places at special advance screenings – as well as offering film downloads.

The competition kicks off with a showing of Tropic Thunder on Friday in London, with people urged to send in a short review of their favourite film on Xbox Live to win a place.

Of Paramount importance...

However, before you get too excited, the deal is currently only for Paramount films – with the successful relationship between the film studio and Microsoft bringing what, to be fair, is an added benefit in the already well-respected Live service.

You can find all the details on the official UK Xbox site, and don't be too surprised if you suddenly find a Sony Pictures/PlayStation offer appearing on the rival console soon enough.