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Want to see a lifesize Team Fortress 2 gun recreated in Lego?

Lego man for scale...
Lego man for scale...

It's already pretty clear that Team Fortress 2 is the greatest ever game (involving hats), and Lego is clearly no longer for kids - so when someone recreates a life-size TF2 gun with plastic bricks, we are always going to be on board.

ZaziNombies are the people behind this Tomislav replica which, they insist in a video preview, is heavy enough to make you think you're toting the actual gun.

Of course, we're never satisfied, so we would like to put an order in for a Lego Sandvich and a Bear Necessities hat to go with it.

Also, if Lego wants to do a fully licensed TF2 range, we'd be okay with that too.

Via Kotaku