Video: Tobii EyeAsteroids - world's first eye-controlled game

Video: EyeAsteroids - world's first eye-controlled game
Look into my eyes...

TechRadar paid a visit to the Trocadero centre in London this week to get 'eyes on' with the world's first arcade game which uses just eye control to play – Tobii EyeAsteroids.

Yes, we were as dubious as you probably are right now about the technology but as you can see from our video below it works surprisingly well.

Speaking to Anders Olsson from Tobii Technology – a company that has spent year developing its eye tracking tech for a variety of solutions – it seems that EyeAsteroids is the first stab at a consumer product but there will be many more to come.

"We decided to put eye-tracking technology into a consumer product at the beginning of the year," explained Olsson.

"We were inspired by the Wii and Kinect and decided that this technology would be a good fit for gaming."

Eye spy

Tobii has already previewed its eye-tracking technology in a prototype Lenovo laptop earlier in the year and is keen to see it work in a number of gaming environments.

"We chose Asteroids as it is one gaming situation where you can use just your eyes and need nothing else.

"Eventually we want to see the technology combined with a joystick and other accessories."

Not that we are jumping the gun here but seeing Mirror's Edge or a FPS like Modern Warfare 3 with eye technology implemented may well blow our tiny brains.

Expect to see EyeAsteroids in an arcade near you in the New Year.

Marc Chacksfield

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