UK developer relaunching ZX Spectrum

British developer Elite plans to re-release the ZX Spectrum as a wireless keyboard device

Sinclair's ZX Spectrum is set to be relaunched by UK developer Elite in 2012 to celebrate the classic gaming computer's 30th anniversary.

Those gamers of a certain age will no doubt fondly remember the ZX Spectrum from the early-to-mid 1980s, with Elite set to cash in on the current popularity of retro gaming amongst this demographic.

Wireless ZX Spectrum 2012

The Telegraph reports that the studio – who originally developed many of the best ZX Spectrum games – will soon release a wireless replica of Sir Clive's all-in-one keyboard gaming computer.

Details beyond this are scarce, with speculation that the 'new' Spectrum may well work wirelessly with the Apple iPhone and other peripherals.

Elite currently does a decent business re-developing a classic range of the Speccie's original smash hit games for smartphones.

Would a new ZX Spectrum work? Would anybody actually buy it? Or is this a simple example of retro-irony gone insane?

TechRadar has contacted Elite for further details on its plans to re-release the Spectrum.

Via The Telegraph