Sony shows augmented reality 'barbering' game for PS3

Latest 'Move Party' demo shows off some genuinely quirky mini-games for PS3's motion controller

The latest PlayStation Move video demo shows off the latest quirky mini-games from Supermassive games, including a barking mad-looking 'barbering' style game.

The barbering game joins a number of other intriguing-looking minigames, all of which make up the augmented reality mini game title, Move Party.

Move changes everything

"For us [Move] changed everything… by augmenting reality and by putting you in the game, that is not an experience that you have had before," says Creative Director, Steve Goss.

"The precision [of Move]… isn't translated into complexity. It is translated into 'it does what I want' and it is really involving. That is the big difference. You really have to get involved."

Check out the video below which features Goss alongside Supermassive Games CTO Jonathan Amor and Designer Tom Heaton explaining how they feel Move is a genuine step forward in motion control.