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Rockstar brings GTA radio stations to Spotify

GTA radio stations on Spotify
You don't need to turn to crime to listen to Rockstar radio all the time

(Pretend to) jack a car, plug in your smartphone, launch up Spotify and live the life of Nico Bellic, thanks to Rockstar Games. The gaming company has created Spotify playlists for all the radio stations from all the Grand Theft Auto games since GTA III.

While Rockstar's Spotify Profile page is a bit borked at the moment, you can still access the playlists by searching for the Rockstargames profile in the Spotify app, or hit up Rockstar's announcement page to click the links to each station.

Not every song is available, naturally, and there's no witty banter from pretend radio DJs and crazy radio callers.

And for those who prefer their music owned rather than streamed, Rockstar has also created iTunes versions of each station. Although at more than 20 bucks a pop, Spotify is a much more… GTA-like option.

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