Return to days of disc swaps with Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 - too awesome for one disc?
Mass Effect 2 - too awesome for one disc?

Remember those days when, mid game, you would have to pause every so often to change disk? Well they may return, with confirmation that one of 2010's most eagerly anticipated titles – Mass Effect 2 – will ship on two discs.

In a forum posting community co-ordinator at Bioware Chris Priestly confirmed the news – but insisted that the swaps are being carefully managed.

"Yes, there are 2 game discs for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions, both the Collector's and standard editions, said Priestly.

"The PC version is a standard install. You install the information from both discs and then play with 1 disc in the drive. No swapping."

Xbox 360

"The Xbox 360 does not have an install and does require disc swapping during play," adds Priestly

"Even though there is a disc swap, it occurs at a carefully planned place in the game (that does not interfere with gameplay) and is done once. You do not swap back and forth. One swap and then done."

We were all set to be more scathing about the news – but Priestly's post managed to stave this off with a prefect answer as to why it's necessary.

"Why 2 discs? Answer: Because you cannot fit this much awesome on one disc."

Mass Effect 2 arrives next year for Xbox and PC.


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