Microsoft Project Spark beta now available on Xbox One

Project Spark
The possibilities are endless

Heard of a little game called Project Spark? Well, the beta is now coming to Xbox One.

Introduced at last year's E3, Project Spark seemed overshadowed by the other bigger Microsoft titles - but with the new beta for the next-gen console, that may very well change.

In fact, the beta has been out on Windows 8.1 PCs since December 2013 and has seen more than 250,000 testers sign up.

Since then, users have created and uploaded hundreds and hundreds of worlds, games and characters with the devs Team Dakota following along closely to make sure the process is as smooth as butter.

Creativity at the core

If you're wondering just how much you can do with the game, the answer seems to be pretty much anything and everything.

Members of the dev team showed TechRadar the Spark ropes and so far, it's chock-full of mini games ranging from platformers, puzzlers, RPGs and way more, plus even simple but beautifully detailed levels showing off what Project Spark's tools are capable of.

The ability to "remix" or take one or multiple aspects of a person's creation to use in your own and vice versa allows for even more creative freedom.

The previous beta participants will also have access to the Xbox One version as well; the game is cross-platform through the cloud, meaning you can create on your console and continue on a Windows 8.1 device.

To start playing and creating, you can sign up on the Project Spark site.

The official release date for the game has not been set yet, though it will likely come out some time this year.