Nintendo 3DS: full details and pix

New 3DS is the latest handheld from Nintendo, the follow-up to the recently-launched DS XL
New 3DS is the latest handheld from Nintendo, the follow-up to the recently-launched DS XL

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Nintendo has finally unveiled its new 3DS handheld gaming console at E3 2010.

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime rubbished the idea of wearing 3D glasses in the home to watch 3D TVs at the company's E3 2010 press conference this week.

Demonstrating the new 3DS handheld, Reggie showed the E3 crowd how the console's 3D is controlled by a slider, which means that players can choose to entirely remove it or maximize it or go in-between.

3D movies on the go

He also showed how the new Nintendo 3DS handheld is capable of displaying 3D movies, with 3D trailers available for E3-attendees to check out on the show floor this week.

Nintendo 3ds: in red

Nintendo 3DS: In black

Nintendo 3ds: and in blue

Nintendo 3DS: And in blue

Nintendo 3ds: and in red

Nintendo 3DS: And in red

Disney, Warner Bros and Dreamworks movie partnerships with Nintendo 3DS were also announced. More on those as we get it.

For the gamers in the audience, the mention of new 3DS versions of 'Metal Gear Solid', Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Street Fighter IV, Final Fantasy, and more for was more than enough to generate a few more whoops and cheers.

Nintendo's new console will also be able to take and display 3D photos.

And it's not only about the 3D, with the return of yet another much-loved Nintendo gaming icon, Kid Icarus Uprising also announced for the console. Flight combat is clearly going to be the genre that shows off what 3DS is capable of.

Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata also revealed a 3DS version of Nintendogs, which also featured cats. And is bound to sell millions of copies, much like its predecessors.

The Nintendo 3DS features a touchscreen only on the bottom, and a 3.5 inch screen, with two camera lenses.

The 3DS can communicate with other 3DS systems without "knowing", and supports wireless communication between systems regardless of the game you are playing at any given time.

Nintendo wrapped up its E3 conference by sending out hordes of PR girls with 3DS consoles into the audience to show off its new hardware. With a new console and a huge array of new first and third-party games announced this year, this was a solid showing from the Japanese gaming company.

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