New Carol Vorderman keep fit game on DS

Carol Vorderman's Active Health game for DS helps you eat healthily and keep track of your daily activity to ensure you're fighting the flab

Nintendo has announced yet another keep fit focused game, this time for the DS, fronted by none other than Britain's favourite ex-gameshow host and all-round brainbox Carol Vorderman.

Active Health with Carol Vorderman includes a pedometer when it releases in August.

The 'game' will feature a combination of healthy eating and exercise tips tailored for today's "busy lifestyles" and "inputting your personal details into the software allows Carol to calculate your BMI and provide you with a personalised programme outlining how many calories you need to consume and how much exercise you should do to maintain or lose weight."

Motivational guidance

Carol pops up now and then as your "motivational guide... helping you to achieve your personal goal whether it is to lose weight, boost energy levels, improve your fitness or all three combined!"

There are 70 inbuilt recipes, a shopping list facility and "a variety of sample meal plans for the entire day, providing inspiration on how to eat healthy, varied dishes while sticking within your recommended daily calorie intake."

The pedometer or, as Nintendo is calling it, the "Activity Meter" is just dropped you're your pocket and monitors your activity levels through the day.

One click of the button on the pedometer will send over your personal daily activity data to your DS by infrared signal.

Active Health with Carol Vorderman launches across the UK on 7 August 2009.