MMO to hit paying subscribers with audio adverts

APB - big title arriving soon
APB - big title arriving soon

A forthcoming MMO will play audio adverts every three hours, despite being a subscription computer game.

APB – an upcoming cops and robbers massively multiplayer online game from Realtime Worlds– will play an advert every time you enter a new district.

A post on the APB forum explains: You will receive a short audio ad once every 3 hours. HOWEVER ads will only be heard when first entering a district.

So for example:

1) You start up the game and enter the social district.
2) You will hear a short audio ad.
3 You stay in social for 2 hours and then switch to an action district.
4) Upon entering the action district you will NOT hear an ad.
5) You play in the action district for 5 hours and do not hear any ads.
6) You exit the game.
7) You start up the game at a later time and enter a district.
8) You will hear a short audio ad.

The way of the adworld

As note: "It's not…that bad, as some forumites have said on the subject, but it's still a bit weird for a service you're paying for."

The presence of adverts in online games is nothing new – with the likes of Counter Strike already employing adverts on scenery.

So, although there may be some disgruntlement at APB's decision, it seems that it won't be too long until this kind of advertising is commonplace.

We're just waiting until the tomatoes start telling you to buy Heinz in FarmVille.

Via PC Gamer

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