PSP hits 50 million sold milestone

Sony has sold over 50 million PSPs worldwide to date, commits to new IPs for the format in 2009

The PSP has not had good press of late, with Nintendo's DS selling more hardware and software in the handheld console market.

However, this is not to say (as many have) that the PSP is in some way a 'failure' – particularly seeing as Sony has just announced it has now sold 50 million PSPs worldwide.

The PSP originally launched over four years ago in Japan in December, 2004, with Sony reminding us this week that there are over 2,000 UMD titles now available worldwide, with software sales already over 200 million to date.

If that is considered a failure, then TechRadar would like to know how!

Future of PSP?

"SCE will vigorously promote the expansion of the PSP platform and offer a variety of interactive digital entertainment," the company said in a statement this week.

CVG reported this week that Sony's UK PSP manager expects new IPs for the handheld in '09, telling them:

"This year we are also launching a host of significant PlayStation IPs on the PSP platform."