Game on as Foxtel Play launches on PS4

Sony PS4 controller
Can you Play Foxtel on the PS4? Yes you can!

It was somewhat surprising last month when Foxtel and Sony joined forces to announce that internet-streaming service Foxtel Play was launching on the PS3 rather than the PS4.

But as of today, next-gen Sony console owners can happily enjoy the service as well.

The app, which joins the likes of Quickflix, IGN and Vidzone as part of the PS4's entertainment service lineup, is a free download for PSN users, but does require you to setup a Foxtel Play account to activate. Fortunately, it doesn't require a PS Plus subscription to work though.

Xbox no longer number One?

With the back-to-back announcements for Playstation consoles, it's interesting that we are still yet to hear any word about the streaming app appearing on Microsoft's Xbox One console.

Microsoft was the first company to work closely with Foxtel on a streaming service, launching Foxtel on Xbox for the Xbox 360 back in 2010.

With the Xbox One's focus on being a complete entertainment hub and the previous partnership, we were expecting Microsoft's next-gen console to be a high priority for Foxtel Play support.

It's certainly just a matter of time before it arrives, although given the retail performance of the two next-gen consoles, we hope Microsoft acts sooner rather than later to boost its local IP entertainment offering.

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