Ferrari launches the ultimate driving simulator

Forget GT5, Ferrari just launched the ultimate driving simulator this month
Forget GT5, Ferrari just launched the ultimate driving simulator this month
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Forget about your plasticky driving wheel peripheral for your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, because Ferrari just upped the game, releasing what is arguably the greatest driving simulator yet known to man.

Ferrari's Formula 1 teams are working on developing the ultimate driving simulators to improve their practice laps in competitive races.

Ferrari launched a brand new simulator machine within the Gestione Sportiva this month, with Ferrari CEO Andrea Bertolin driving around the first virtual lap.

The simulator is made with aluminium parts and composite structures fitted inside the cockpit, all resting on a platform that weights around two tons in weight, featuring electronically controlled actuators which each weigh at around half a ton.

Ultimate driving sim

The platform itself takes up a surface area of around eight meters in width and length and six meters in height.

The whole structure weighs in at around two hundred tons, and is controlled by ten multiprocessors that have a total of over 60 GB of RAM.

The whole thing is fully kitted out with a 3500 watt Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system and is kept in a building measuring 180 square meters, with its own control room.

Suffice to say, there is no 'RRP' or launch date and you will not find one of these for sale in your local Game or Gamestation at any point before 2024.

Via Formula1blog

Adam Hartley