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Xbox One October update will bring Xbox 360 features back from the dead

Xbox One
Do the double-tap

The Xbox One has seen a slew of pretty significant updates since launch, and October's is set to be just as big.

As announced by Major Nelson, the new update's biggest improvements will lie in the Snap feature. Once upgraded, you'll be able to double-tap the controller's Guide button to open up a menu that will let you open Snap, view your most recent game, achievements and friends - a la the Xbox 360.

Post-update, you'll also be able to record video without having to yell at Kinect: double-tapping the Guide button and then hitting X will do the same.

Furthermore, the One is adding DLNA and MKV support, letting you stream content from the computer to the console. You can see the whole list of new improvements over on Major Nelson's blog.