Editor X offers a whole new way of designing websites

Editor X
(Image credit: Editor X)

Editor X, a new web design tool launched by top website builder Wix, has now launched out of beta. 

The new solution comes with a number of additional design capabilities and promises to be the world’s only fully collaborative web platform.

The way that Editor X enables concurrent editing is particularly noteworthy, as it means that several team members will be able to work on a website simultaneously. Other collaborative features include live commenting, shared design libraries, and advanced roles and permissions. 

The X factor

Illustrating the new capabilities contained within the Editor X platform, the formal launch included a live online demo that showed three members of the Editor X team working simultaneously on the same website from three different workstations.

The ability to code, design, and edit at the same time should provide significant efficiency benefits for web design teams.

In terms of pricing, Editor X users are able to publish an unlimited number of sites for free but will need to purchase a premium plan if they want additional features like ecommerce functionality or a custom domain name.

The website building space is becoming increasingly competitive, with a multitude of offerings available, each with its own advantages, unique features, and pricing plans. The ability to collaborate in real-time could certainly help Editor X stand out from the crowd.

Barclay Ballard

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