Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion sees the death of a key character – here’s who's responsible

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion launched earlier this week, and fans were heartbroken to discover the latest DLC brought the death of a much-loved character. And now we know who is responsible. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion sees Scorn leader Uldren and his eight Barons taking out legendary Hunter Cayde-6 during a massive breakout from the Prison of Elders. 

You can check out Cayde-6’s heartbreaking last stand below:

The culprits

The attack was orchestrated by Uldren Sov, the former Prince and Master of the Crows and now leader of rogue Fallen terrorist faction The Scorn. We first see Uldren in Destiny, but in Destiny 2 he serves as the main villain.

Uldren’s right-hand man is Fikrul, the Fanatic – the first (or Archon) of the Scorn. Not the most friendly fellow, the warrior-priest believes the Fallen must die in order to return stronger than ever – and he has instilled this belief in his Scorn comrades.

Here's what he looks like:

Second-in-command to the Fanatic is Elykris, the Machinist. Elykris is Fikrul’s most devoted follower, with her expertise lying in thieving, munitions and hoarding.

Check her out below:

The next Baron in Uldren’s lineup is Hiraks, the Mindbender. Hiraks uses his supernatural powers to control combatants.

Have a look at Hiraks below:

Araskes, the Trickster AKA the Butcher of Bamberga and Terminus of the Gray Legion, uses her silver tongue and powers of persuasion to make others do the dirty work for her.

Here she is in action:

Arguably the most sadistic Baron of them all, Reksis Van, the Hangman destroys Servitors to feed his fellow Barons Ether. 

Check out the big guy below:

Perhaps the most unpredictable Baron, Kaniks – the Mad Bomber – will blow up anything if it means killing his target – even himself.

Here’s how he looks: 

An all-seeing sniper with a cybernetic eye, Pirrha, the Rifleman, keeps his targets at a distance, and never misses his shot – so keep moving.

Get your eyes on him, before he gets his on you:

The final Baron is Yaviks, the Rider. Yaviks is an anarchist biker and master mechanic – she even leads her own gang of Pike riders.

Here’s what she looks like:

It’s up to you to take these murderers down Guardian. Destiny 2’s Forsaken DLC is available now.

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