Dell seemingly leaks GTX 1660 Ti GPU for laptops (not the RTX 2050)

Nvidia GPU
Image Credit: Nvidia

The listing for a Dell gaming laptop had a well-hidden mention of an RTX 2050 graphics card, although that name has just been changed to refer to a GTX 1660 Ti instead.

This was spotted by a reader of Notebookcheck, in the product page for the Dell G5 15 gaming laptop, which revealed that the portable will offer a Thunderbolt port on models with the RTX 2060, but not on systems running with the GPU below that.

Dell gaming laptop product listing

Previously these product details referred to an ‘RTX 2050’ (Image Credit: Dell)

Now, as we mentioned at the outset, originally that graphics card was named as the RTX 2050, but it seems that Dell has just changed this to read ‘GTX 1660 Ti’, as you can see in the image above.

So this could indicate that a version of the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti for laptops is in the pipeline (and of course that the previous mention of an RTX 2050 was clearly a mistake).

While there is no cast-iron guarantee of anything here, we have previously heard about a mobile GPU codenamed ‘N18E-G0’ popping up in Notebookcheck’s database, and the theory that this could be a laptop spin of the GTX 1660 Ti that could emerge soon.

Codename corner

That codename is consistent with existing mobile graphics solutions from Nvidia, namely the RTX 2080 (N18E-G3), RTX 2070 (N18E-G2) and RTX 2060 (N18E-G1). So logically the N18E-G0 would sit under the latter, which would indeed make it the GTX 1660 Ti when compared to the desktop line-up. Incidentally, the GTX brand, as opposed to RTX, means the GPU will lack Nvidia’s ray tracing tech (and other goodies like DLSS).

Adding further fuel to the fire is the more recent spotting of a GTX 1650 GPU in a gaming laptop (via a 3DMark benchmark), an alleged incoming graphics card from Nvidia that should be announced later this month.

If all this is on the money, it could be the case that Nvidia’s 16-series GPUs may get multiple laptop-equivalent spins in the near future. As ever, only time will tell – of course we’re still awaiting official confirmation of the desktop GTX 1660 and 1650 graphics cards, although they have been strongly rumored for some time now.

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