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Nintendo ships its 100 millionth DS

Can the DSi continue Nintendo's 100 million-strong winning streak?
Can the DSi continue Nintendo's 100 million-strong winning streak?

The iPhone may be eating into its casual gamer market, but that doesn't seem to worrying Nintendo very much - last week saw the sale of the 100 millionth Nintendos DS handheld.

You might wonder who is still buying the venerable console (it celebrates its fourth birthday this year), as the new iteration, the DSi, launches in Europe in just over three weeks' times.

The new version of the kid-friendly games system includes two cameras, has the ability to record, manipulate and play sound files, and will allow consumers to personalise their Nintendo DSi experiences.

Big screen but no GBA compatibility

It will have a larger (3.25-inch) screen and built-in memory, but unlike the DS Lite, it won't be backwards compatible with GameBoy Advance games.

More importantly, to combat the iPhone threat, the DSi will offer instantly downloadable pocket-money games - currently selling from as little as £1.50 in Japan, where the DSi has already launched.

AMC also announced today that it had supplied its 50 millionth Hollywood graphics chip to Nintendo for the Wii console - even as Nintendo let slip that the UK trade price of family games system would be increasing by £20, to accommodate the "continuing depreciation of the pound."