Lenovo has a PC-on-a-stick up its sleeve


Lenovo is the latest firm to design a PC the size of a chewing gum packet and in the process follow in the footsteps of Intel's Compute Stick plus a handful of others.

First reported by PCR, the PC-on-a-stick, which is known as the Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick 300, will be launched in time for the 2015 back to school period and allow anyone to hook up the device to a TV or monitor using an HDMI cable to enjoy a full-fledged PC for a fraction of the cost of an actual machine.

"In the entry level there's the PC on a stick market and the small form factor market, and you'll see Lenovo provide solutions in both of those markets, and you'll see us go after both of those markets in the near future," Alex Ebeid, Lenovo UK consumer director, confirmed. "We've got a PC on a stick launching for back-to-school."

Pinning some hopes on the TV

Lenovo have been a busy company recently after, as part of an extensive release list, it pulled the curtain down on a new streaming device to rival the Google Chromecast as well as a brand new slate of PCs aimed at different parts of the market.

There's currently no word on how much Lenovo plans to charge for the PC-on-a-stick and it will be up against plenty of other companies besides Intel, including Dell with its Wyse Cloud Connect, Google/Asus and their Chromebit as well as many more.

A leaked spec list published by Liliputing shows that it will have exactly the same specification as the Intel Compute Stick we reviewed recently