BumpTop brings 'Minority Report style control' to PC

BumpTop brings full gesture-control to touchscreen Windows 7 PCs

BumpTop is one of the first bits of software that is really starting to show off what Window's 7 touchscreen features are going to be capable of, with a 'Minority Report' style 3D multitouch gestural interface looking increasingly less like Sci-Fi fantasy and more like achievable near-future reality.

Of course, you are going to need a PC with a touchscreen monitor in order to be able to play around with Windows 7 touchscreen when the new OS from Microsoft finally officially launches on 22 October.

But we imagine that when you see the kinds of human-computer interfacing developments that BumpTop is at the cutting edge of you are soon going to realise the value of that new monitor investment!

Remember Vista?

If you were still (seriously) looking for a reason to upgrade to Windows 7 from clunky old Vista then surely BumpTop is it?

A wide range of multitouch gestures is included in the paid version of the software BumpTop Pro.

Want to see more? BumpTop has released the following demo video to show off its multitouch user interface, which outlines how you quickly and easily crop pictures with a few quick hand gestures.

Bumptop Via Venturebeat.com