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Apple looking at 15-inch super-slim MacBook next?

MacBook Air
New MacBook Air's have re-engaged consumers in the ultra-portable market

Apple is working on a 15-inch ultra-portable notebook following the success of the refreshed MacBook Air series, according to reports.

MacRumors claims it has learned that the new super-slim model is in the final stages of testing at Apple, but won't be launched in the immediate future.

The report is unsure whether the laptop will be branded as an extension of the MacBook Air line, which has enjoyed a renaissance over the last year, or as a newly slimmed-down MacBook Pro model.

17-incher too?

A further report from TUAW suggests it will be part of the high-end Pro series and that a 17-inch compatriot is also in the works.

Apple has seen a renewed interest in the ultra-portable market since it revamped the MacBook Air line last year and gave it a new, much-more-reasonable price point of £849.

The MacBook Air which was refreshed again last week with Sandy Bridge processors, a backlit keyboard and the Thunderbolt I/O tech.

The release saw the original white MacBook disappear from general sale, meaning the 11-inch Air is now Apple's entry model notebook.

via MacRumors and TUAW