Apple dances the two-step to boost iCloud, Apple ID security

Apple busts out a two-step to boost iCloud, Apple ID security
Dancing to the tune of Apple's latest security measures

Apple has rolled-out a two-step identity verification measure to allow users to choose "trusted" devices to confirm the legitimacy of changes to their Apple ID, iTunes, or iCloud accounts.

Users in the UK, Ireland, United States, New Zealand and Australia can sign-up for the new security protocol on the Apple ID website from today.

After sign-up is complete, whenever a change to the account has been made, a verification key will be sent to the user's "trusted" iOS devices via the Find My iPhone app or to any other smartphone via SMS.

Entering the passcode enables full access to the account, while two-step verification will also be required when users make a purchase on a new device for the first time.

No more security questions

Those who enable two-step verification will no longer have to remember the answers to multiple security questions in order to access their account.

This, of course, also prevents other people from guessing the answers to them.

Users are also issued a recovery key, which they must keep safe. This, combined with the trusted device, comes in handy if users forget their Apple ID password or lose the trusted device.

If Apple fans decide that the two-step shuffle between devices isn't for them, they can also opt out and choose answers to new security questions.

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