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Intel announces new Sandy Bridge CPUs

Intel announces new Sandy Bridge CPUs
Intel's Core i5-2500T benefits from a price reduction

Processor giant Intel has announced a whopping 16 new Sandy Bridge chips, as well as price cuts for its existing desktop line up.

Of the 16 chips, 11 are desktop processors for the LGA 1155 socket, with the remaining five designed for mobile devices.

The desktop chips range from the single-core Celeron G440 at $37 USD (£23) up to the quad-core I5-2320 which costs $177 USD (£110).

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In the mobile sector, the Core i7-2960XM is a quad-cored chip with HyperThreading clocked at 2.70GHz, with Turbo taking it up to 3.7GHz.

The Core i7-2960XM will drop at a wallet-busting $1,096 USD (£680), so we can expect to see it appear in expensive, high-end gaming laptops.

At the bottom end of the Sandy Bridge mobile line up is the dual-core B840 Celeron, which will cost a mere $86 USD (£53).

In addition to the new chips, price cuts have been announced for current Core i5 processors, with most being reduced be two to six per cent. The Core i7-2600S, for example, will drop by $12 USD from $306 to $294.

Intel's pricing of its Core chips has been notoriously high, so it's good to see the chip supremo move into same low-price territory as rival AMD.

via Tom's Hardware