AMD introduces Piledriver-based Opteron 6300 series processors

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Piledriving its predecessors

AMD introduced the new Opteron 6300 series processors Monday, which are based on the company's next-generation Piledriver core architecture.

These new chips offer up to 24 percent better performance over the Opteron 6200 series, and also run at 40 percent higher efficiency.

That adds up to servers that are not only cooler and faster than their predecessors, but cheaper to operate as well.

"The key to a winning solution for customers is working with OEMs and other solution providers to minimize TCO with a combination of cost effectiveness and superior performance per watt," said AMD's Suresh Gopalakrishnan, general manager, Server Business Unit.

"AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors are uniquely positioned to be the difference-maker customers are seeking."

Stacks and stacks of stats

The Opteron 6300 series will be available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 12- or 16-core versions, which offer anywhere up to 3.5 GHz base frequency to a max of 3.8 GHz using AMD Turbo CORE technology.

On the low end, the 6366 HE will run at 85W, with the top of the line 6386S using 140W, and all eight other available models requiring 115W.

AMD stated the Opteron 6300 series is the "only x86 processor to support ultralow voltage 1.25v memory," and the processors support up to four memory channels with 1,866 MHz memory.

Each of the CPUs is capable of handling 364GB of memory across 12 DIMMs, as well as up to four x16 HyperTransport links at 6.4GT/s per link.

Pricing and partners

Both Dell and HP are partnered with AMD to provide server stacks based on the Opteron 6300 processors by the end of the year.

In the first quarter of 2013, Opteron 6300s will be available in AMD's own Roadrunner program, and the processors have already been deployed in supercomputers at Indiana University.

Of the 10 processors, the 6320 (8-core, 2.8GHz base/3.3GHz Turbo, 115W) is the cheapest at just $293 (UK£183, AUD$282).

The 6386 S (16-core, 2.8GHz base/3.5GHz Turbo, 140W) costs more than four times that, and will retail for $1,392 (UK£871, AUD$1,343).

More complete pricing for all the available Opteron 6300 processors can be found on AMD's site.

AMD also revealed it would release the Opteron 4300 and 3300 processors by December of this year, but didn't unveil any more details on those models.