Intel confirms new Itanium chips are on the way

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Intel will release a downgraded itineration of its Itanium product line later this year thanks to there being just enough demand for the IA64 chips

First reported by Kitguru, an Intel spokesperson stated that "Kittson" will become the first new version of the chipset since 2012 and bring a 32nm process technology that is a downgrade from the original 22nm plan.

"Intel remains committed to the Intel Itanium product line and to the delivery of the next-generation Intel Itanium processor, code named 'Kittson'," said Anna Cheng, a spokeswoman for Intel. "Kittson will be manufactured on Intel's 32nm process technology and will be socket compatible with the existing Itanium 9300/9500 platforms, providing customers with performance improvements, investment protection, and a seamless upgrade path for existing systems."

Intel has been relentlessly focusing on its Xeon chips to the detriment of the IA64 chips that are way behind x86-64 chips. That attitude saw multiple partners move away from the Itanium 9500 "Poulson" chip, which was the last new release, and over to Xeon chips. HP is one of the only big players to still use the Itanium chips and it makes the post-Kittson future of Itanium a precarious one.

No plans post Kittson

"Intel, HP and our other OEM partners remain in discussion about the timing and feature set of Kittson," added Ms. Cheng. "We have not disclosed any product plans after Kittson."

With HP also working towards moving to the X86-64 ecosystem there will might soon be no call for the Itanium chips and all eyes will be on Intel's next announcement regarding the future of the family.

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