Fujitsu signs partnership with ARM

ARM - deal with Fujitsu
ARM - deal with Fujitsu

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe has signed a licensing deal for ARM's products, with the strategic agreement meaning that the company will be able to offer platforms which implement the latest Cortex A15 processor.

The partnership is not all that shiny and new – the pair have been working together for 'more than a decade' – but the latest agreement will bring all the latest designs to Fujitsu system on a chip (SoC) platforms.

"Fujitsu Semiconductor is working to enhance its product appeal and boost its IP line-up," said corporate senior vice president Haruyoshi Yagi of Fujitsu Semiconductor.


"One of the major ways in which we are doing so is through this comprehensive licence agreement that we have signed with ARM," he added

"This will allow our customers to select the ARM technology most suited for their application, and use a platform that combines it with other IP that we have provided.

Shining light

ARM, the shining light in the UK tech industry, have become a major force in global chip technology, and president Tudor Brown believes the latest deal will enable Fujitsu to push on with 'pioneering' products.

"In a constantly evolving marketplace, ARM is committed to empowering its partners with the resources they need to not only remain competitive today, but to meet future technology challenges head-on," said Brown.

"The combination of ARM's advanced processor and systems technology with Fujitsu's leadership in advanced SoC development, forms a solid foundation for the development of pioneering semiconductor products."

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