Your Tesla can recharge for free at the new Port Macquarie Supercharger station

Tesla Port Macquarie

Australian Tesla drivers can now hop in their shiny Model S in Melbourne and drive up to the far north of New South Wales (maybe even Queensland) without needing an overnight recharge. Well, not for the car, anyway.

Tesla, all set to unveil (and open preorders for) its affordable Model 3 car next week, officially cut the ribbon on its Port Macquarie Supercharger station today.

The station continues the rollout of its east coast supercharger network, allowing free, rapid recharges from Melbourne all the way up the coast.

The spark of change

A 30 minute recharge from one of the superchargers will give enough juice for a Tesla to travel about 270km.

The Port Macquarie supercharger station has six spots to recharge thirsty Teslas, and is located at the Cassegrain Winery, allowing drivers to grab a bite to eat and drink while their vehicles take the 30 minutes or so to charge back up.

It's an important step on Tesla's roadmap for a full east coast supercharger network. This year, the company plans to expand its network all the way up to Brisbane, so having the Port Macquarie charger connecting the dots will make a big difference.

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