The big 5G push is not coming from phone makers or networks

The big 5G push is not coming from phone makers or networks

We've heard various companies talk about 5G over the past few years with phone manufacturers, mobile networks and chipset firms all having a say on the next generation of connectivity - but there's a new driving force behind the technology.

Talking during an exclusive breakfast at CES 2016, Qualcomm's President of Europe Enrico Salvatori told techradar that it's the auto industry which is now one of the main forces behind the development of 5G.

"Auto research and development is one of the most active industries for developing 5G," Salvatori told us. "They're looking at 5G to make wireless technology more reliable, robust and secure."

5G will be able to provide better coverage and always on connectivity, meaning your vehicle will theoretically always be connected to a network which can be utilised for both infotainment and a wide range of safety features in the connected cities of the future.

Smart car

This will help bring additional intelligence to our cars, with the status of the road ahead and the other vehicles around us allowing for a safe driver experience.

A more robust network will also expedite the rollout of autonomous cars which rely on a strong connection to operate.

Current predictions peg 5G for launch in 2020, although it's likely you'll have to wait a few more years for vehicles which fully take advantage of the next generation network.

John McCann
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