Tesla wants to share your Autopilot data with the government

Tesla Model S

Hot on the heels of Tesla's announcement that it collected data for 780 million miles of the semi-autonomous usage, Elon Musk shared it offered to give that data to the US Department of Transportation (DoT) and other auto manufacturers.

While sharing the Autopilot program data with the DoT would help regulators better understand autonomous vehicles, sharing the millions of miles of information with other manufacturers may speed up development of the technology itself.

Neither Tesla nor the DoT confirmed whether the information was transferred.

"...Regulators will take, I think, at least another year which will depend on what part of the world you are in," Musk said. "Because they want to see billions of miles of data to show that it is statistically true that there is a substantial improvement in safety if a vehicle is autonomous versus non-autonomous."

This is all prior to the release of an unconfirmed, but highly expected, Level 4, fully-autonomous vehicle from Tesla within the next year and on the road in less than two.

"I think we are basically less than 2 years away from complete autonomy, safer than a human," Musk continued.

A Level 4 autonomous vehicle is all-autonomous. Anyone of any age would be able to enter their destination and get there without a driver's license.

Musk states regulators want the technology to be somewhere between two and ten times safer than a human driver.

Source: electrek