BT fuses fixed and 4G connectivity to speed up copper broadband

(Image credit: BT)

BT has launched a new converged business product can increase speeds on slower copper lines by up to ten times by fusing fixed and 4G infrastructure into a single connection.  

The company says ‘BT Hybrid Speed Boost’ is an interim solution designed to help organisations in areas that haven’t yet been upgraded to full fibre infrastructure.

Accordingly, the service is included at no extra cost for any business that still relies on a copper line.

BT hybrid

Eventually, BT is aiming to connect 25 million homes and businesses to full fibre by the end of 2026 and is on track to reach 10 million by this time next year. Ultimately, the government wants nationwide coverage by 2030.

“We’re launching the first product in the UK to fuse fixed and mobile connections together to bring faster speeds to small firms which might be struggling on slower copper lines,” said BT manging director for its SoHo division.

“While the Openreach full fibre network is expanding at pace, week on week, we understand the frustration of small firms who risk being stuck behind as they wait to hear when ultrafast full fibre broadband will come to them. Fast, reliable broadband is vital for the smooth, day to day running of a business, so we’ve taken action today to boost speeds for business taking copper broadband – at no extra cost.

“Hybrid Speed Boost could revolutionise operations for small businesses that may currently be struggling with the required bandwidth to process large files, access cloud services or use HD video.”

The service is the first to be launched as part of BT’s ‘charter’ that outlined how the company planned to serve business customers with their digitisation efforts. It includes a commitment to provide customers with a springboard for growth through innovation, digital services, customer service and connectivity.

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