Blu-ray backed by Hollywood heavyweights

Hellboy director del Toro is a Blu-ray backer
Hellboy director del Toro is a Blu-ray backer

The Blu-ray format has been given a much-needed boost of cool by two of Hollywood's biggest directors. Once indie kid Kevin Smith and Hellboy helmer Guillermo del Toro have been celebrating the format.

One of the reasons Smith is so enthusiastic about the format may be because he was given, as a gift, a Blu-ray player and 103in Panasonic plasma, by Paramount Home Entertainment.

Speaking of the setup he told Home Media Retailing magazine: "It's really big, and it sits about five feet from the end of my bed, maybe even less. Maybe two, two-and-a-half feet.

I lie down in bed when I watch TV, so you're right on top of the screen. You're no longer watching the movie. You're in the movie."

He continued: "I was able to stand next to myself on screen full length and be like, 'Wow, I'm fatter.' It was very, very cool. So I fell in love with Blu-ray. Now I've been rebuying all the stuff I already have but I don't care because now I just want to get high and watch a Blu-ray Disc."

BD-Live chat

As for del Toro, according to Home Cinema Choice magazine, he spoke to fans via Hellboy II's BD-Live enabled chat function – finally, a decent use for BD-Live! – and told them that Blu-ray is a fantastic format, explaining: "I try to make my DVDs and Blu-rays an all-access educational glimpse into the filmmaking process. We try to keep it very candid and educational.

"We allow you to glimpse our tribulations, the way decisions are affected by budget or an FX that doesn't work, etc."

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