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Sennheiser strikes at Beats with its CX 3.00 in-ear headphones

And they won't break the bank

Getting in just ahead of the IFA 2014 madness, Sennheiser has unveiled its new range of in-ear headphones, and the CX 3.00 is leading the pack.

Beats might be winning the battle of brand image, but Sennheiser wants to take the power back with some in-ear headphones that look as good as they sound.

Not only do the new CX buds come with red, white or black cables, but they also now sport the Sennheiser logo on the exterior - in case anyone on the bus mistakes your choice of audio wear for another red/white/black rival.

Beat it

We had a go with them ourselves and can confirm that the improvement over the older CX 300 II headphones was very noticeable, especially in the power of the bass.

Sennheiser told us that they'll be available for £45 in the UK (around $75/AU$80) but we're yet to hear proper international prices. Expect to find out more around IFA.

Sennheiser's also rounding out the range with the CX 5.00 (which adds a 3-button remote control with mic) and the more affordable CX 1.00, CX 2.00, in case the 3.00 don't take your fancy.

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