Panasonic's Sonos competitor comes with bamboo innards

Panasonic's Sonos-competitor comes with bamboo innards
Chair not included

Panasonic has added some a new multi-room Hi-Fi system to its line-up, letting you play tunes from your phone or computer wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

There are two new wireless speakers: the SC-ALL8, SC-All3 - as well as the SC-ALL1 connector that will connect to your existing audio systems to hook them up to a multi-room network.

Panasonic says the ALL8 and ALL3 offer tip-top audio quality using XBS Master for booming bass and noise-shaping technology that reduces jitter to an inaudible level.

The top end SC-ALL8 is wall-mountable, and comes with a subwoofer, two woofers and two tweeters with a Nano Bamboo Double Layer for the woofer and tweeter - Panasonic says the bamboo "helps to produce clear, dynamic sounds throughout the mid- to high-frequency range" while also providing a delicious snack for any passing pandas.


Slightly further down the ladder is the SC-ALL3 which boasts only four speakers (two woofers, two tweeters).

You can buy as many of these speakers as you like but if you want to add your existing setup into the multi-room mix then you'll need a SH-ALL1C connector to hook into the wireless network.

Like most wireless speaker systems, you control the Panasonic set up using an app (Android or iOS) which lets you play either the same thing on all speakers or different tracks in different rooms and can use a variety of different sources including various streaming services as well as music you own and internet radio.

No word on release date or pricing just yet - stay tuned.

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