Pure Stream shuns wires, can stream tunes to your radio from your phone

Pure Stream shuns wires, lets you stream tunes to your radio from your phone
Artist's impression: we can't imagine those natty blue waves will be visible IRL

Pure's latest DAB radio comes with a little something extra: Pure Stream, so you can wirelessly play music from your smartphone.

Launching alongside Pure Stream is the Pure Sensia 200D Connect, a touchscreen DAB radio with wireless pretensions.

The bright 5.7-inch touchscreen should make controlling the egg-shaped radio super simple, displaying album artwork, relevant radio station information and even things like weather reports, Twitter feeds and photos via Wi-Fi or Picasa.

More than just a radio

You can stream music in a couple of ways: either using Pure Music, Pure's Spotify-like music service that will set you back £5 a month, or with the new Pure Stream service that allows you to send music from your iOS or Android handset (including iPod Touch, iPad and Android tablets).

Pure Stream works over DLNA and is free to use – you'll just need to download the Pure Lounge iOS or Android app.

Pure says the device also offers better audio performance than its predecessor, the original Sensia, with 30 watts of digitally-processed sound (DSP) coupled with high efficiency class-D amplifiers and custom-designed speakers.

If you like the sound of this one-stop-listening-shop, you can pick up the Pure Sensia 200D Connect from today, with UK pricing set at £249.99.

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