Mozilla looking to set Firefox world record

Coming to a screen near you
Coming to a screen near you

Mozilla is hoping to set a world record for software downloads on the launch day of Firefox 3.0.

The eagerly awaited next version of their popular browser is nearing completion, with Release Candidate 1(RC1) already available for testing.

Although the final date for the complete version has yet to be announced, Mozilla are trying to stir up the hype (and give their downloads a healthy boost) by asking people to download it on day one.


“The New York Times ad…Firefox Flicks…the Firefox crop circle…Operation Firefox…you name it! The Firefox community is always up to some cool, collaborative way to declare their passion for Firefox. What better way to do this than band together to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours?!” asks the Firefox blog.

“It’s a whole lot easier and safer than donning a beard of bees or underwater jump roping. All you have to do is download Firefox 3 when it goes live on Download Day — some time in June.

“In the meantime check out Download Day Headquarters and pledge to download Firefox 3. We’ll let you know when Firefox 3 goes out the door, kicking off our 24-hour attempt.”

Obviously this is somewhat self-serving, but with Firefox already showing it is faster than both its predecessor and competitors Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Safari from Apple, they may just reach their goal

Patrick Goss

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