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Will Apple crush Psystar?

Will Apple crush Psystar?

After all the hoo-hah, it appears that Psystar’s PCs running OSX actually DO exist and are now turning up at people’s houses – which begs the question will Apple finally crush them?

Apple has remained tight-lipped over the entire debacle, which has fuelled thousands of comments over Psystar’s wandering address, mysterious history and problems with payments.

However, the likes of the US Engadget site have got their hands on the Psystar PC and, aside from some slightly noisy fan related issues, it appears that the OSX PC is fit for purpose.


So one hurdle cleared, but Apple could still technically ask Psystar to desist from installing OSX onto its machines, as it breaks the terms of its EULA.

If Apple does choose to prevent companies selling their own machines with Apple’s OS it could raise concerns in US law.

It could also be portrayed as a big company crushing the little man for doing something that is obviously of great interest to many.