Apple might make my 12-inch MacBook dreams come true

The MacBook (2016) 12-inch sat on a bush
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There’s been plenty of debate over whether Apple should bring back the 12-inch MacBook, but a new rumor hints that it may be closer to happening than not.

According to Korean tech blogger yeux1122, and reported on by MacRumors, a source at a company that supplies parts to Apple in Taiwan stated that Apple is preparing for a relaunch of the 12-inch MacBook. Apple apparently is weighing the future of the 12-inch MacBook and will reveal whether it will go ahead with plans to mass produce that model sometime by the second half of 2023.

Rumors of an updated 12-inch MacBook started after Apple introduced its own silicon in 2020, as interest was renewed in a refresh of the 12-inch model equipped with Apple’s chips. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman stated that it would launch either in 2023 or 2024, for example, but no information about the product’s nature had been clarified, meaning that it could be an Air, a Pro, or something completely different.

It’s also important to note that yeux1122 has a mixed track record of accurate Apple rumors, so make sure to take this with a healthy pinch of salt.

Why the 12-inch MacBook would be great

While some may wonder what the point of a 12-inch MacBook would be, there’s definitely a market for a lightweight laptop with a small display.

One of the biggest issues with even the best laptops is how anti-portable they tend to be, especially ones with screen sizes over 15 inches. This is especially an issue for those who physically cannot carry heavy laptops, as well as people who have bags that can’t fit these giant machines and their huge power bricks.

And as we’ve seen, it’s more than possible with today’s tech advancements to have both thin and light laptops that pack a lot of power. This hasn’t been more true than with the drastic performance improvements of Apple's MacBook with the move to its own silicon, which the 12-inch MacBook could definitely benefit from.

Hopefully, Apple sees the potential of a highly portable laptop outfitted with M2 chip and beyond, as it would be great for those of us who aren’t into large and cumbersome devices to have options, too.

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