Apex Legends Mobile won't be here as quickly as expected, but it's coming next year

Apex Legends
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Previously, Electronic Arts has confirmed its plans to bring the battle royale game Apex Legends to mobile devices, and now we've heard the wait may be longer than initially expected.

Chief executive at EA, Andrew Wilson, has updated fans by saying the game will be landing in the 2022 fiscal year. That means you can expect it to land any time from April 1, 2021.

The company is aiming to bring the game to mobile devices during 2021, but this new way of referring to the date may be so the company can slip into 2022 before its release too.

Previously, the company suggested Apex Legends Mobile would be ready for smartphones by the end of 2020, so this is a significant delay.

It's currently unclear if that's owing to complications from the Covid-19 pandemic, but Wilson didn't offer any further clarification on why the game has been delayed.

The company has also reminded us that it plans to bring the game to Nintendo Switch in the near future too.

EA is planning to further expand into mobile titles over the next few years, with the company said to release at least six new soccer mobile games in the next two years alone.

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