10 ways speech-to-text apps will benefit your business

Speech-to-text apps
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Speech-to-text software has been around for a long time, but until recently, it wasn’t seen as a serious business technology. However, rapid improvements in recent years, including the design of complex artificial neural networks, have expanded the business applications of the technology. 

This article lists ten ways that voice typing technology will benefit your business. These include improved productivity, time savings, and a better organizational culture.

Faster note-taking

From a business productivity perspective, this one is a no-brainer. Voice typing is much quicker than traditional typing and will enable your employees to complete menial tasks much more efficiently. Admittedly, voice typing does take some time to get used to. But once you’ve mastered the basics, previously time-consuming tasks such as note-taking, transcription, and email writing can be completed in mere minutes.

Quicker document turn around

Transcribing meeting documents is time-consuming, and note-taking is even the primary responsibility of some employees. Implementing speech-to-text technology in your organization will not only reduce the time employees spend preparing summary notes and documents but will also empower them to redirect saved time and energy to more critical tasks. 

Freed from note-taking, these employees can ten play a more significant role in discussions, brainstorming, and decision-making.

Immediate digitization

Using speech-to-text software enables you to begin transcribing at the beginning of a meeting with a single click. The best speech-to-text software even distinguishes between different speakers, reflecting this in the transcription. At the end of the meeting, the transcription will immediately be available on your device. 

One benefit of this is that employees can immediately highlight and annotate the meeting transcription. This enables them or other meeting participants to reflect on meetings while they are still fresh in their minds, possibly leading to more decisive post-meeting action.

Increase profit

Speech-to-text technology can positively affect the bottom line. A more efficient workforce is the goal of every organization, and the time saved when voice typing can be spent on other revenue-generating activities.

Richer texts

Voice typing is a fundamentally different way of turning ideas into text than conventional typing. Speech-to-text software enables us to transform our stream of consciousness directly into text, and can result in a finished product with more emotion. 

Business writing is often dry and uninteresting, and speech-to-text software can help change this. Voice typing can make our texts more authentic and more engaging to the reader.

Work on the go

Speech-to-text software enables you and your employees to work on the go, further increasing productivity and efficiency. For example, conventional typing isn’t something we’d recommend you do while driving. However, voice typing and driving go hand-in-hand. Summarizing a meeting, creating a to-do list for later, or conducting a quick brainstorm are all things you can easily do using dictation software while commuting.

Improved accuracy

The best speech-to-text software can now provide you with accuracy rates of over 99%. Not only is this comparable to the accuracy of human transcription, it often surpasses it. Voice typing technology makes it easier than ever to create an accurate transcription of calls, meetings, or informal discussions.

Fewer workplace injuries

It might not be dramatic, but sitting at the office computer is one of the leading causes of a variety of chronic injuries. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, and lower-back pain. These injuries cost businesses billions of dollars annually and have numerous indirect effects on productivity, efficiency, and workplace culture. 

Implementing voice typing can help avert or minimize these injuries by encouraging employees to get away from the computer and complete typing tasks while standing or moving.

Improve employee experience

Improving employee experience is increasingly seen as a crucial part of modern organizational management. Fortunately, speech-to-text software can help. Voice typing can encourage employees to get outside more and break away from their computers from time to time. Whether in a park or a cafe, employees can use voice typing to complete repetitive and routine writing tasks somewhere they enjoy. 

Encouraging employees to get creative with their voice typing is a great way to support them and create a healthier organizational culture.

Improve accessibility

Incorporating speech-to-text technology into your business operations will make your organization a more accessible one. For many people with disabilities who struggle to type using conventional input methods, voice typing is a game-changer. A well-integrated dictation framework will enable current or future employees to choose a digital input method that suits them.


Speech-to-text applications have improved significantly in recent years, and their utility for businesses is now self-evident. With so many affordable (even free) platforms available, we think investing in this technology within your organization is a no-brainer.

With this knowledge in hand, we hope your business will soon decide to implement voice typing technology. It will not only benefit your business through improved efficiencies but will also play a decisive role in improving employee wellbeing and organizational culture. 

Darcy French