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Phoenix Recover Pro 6 review

Keep back-ups of important data

Creating or restoring a data image is quick and easy

Our Verdict

An affordable and usable data recovery solution


  • Quick and simple to use


  • Uses a fair amount of hard drive space

With the constant risk of laptop damage and theft, it's essential to protect against disaster by keeping back-ups of all important data. While safeguarding your documents is the most logical step, Phoenix Recover Pro 6 (£30 inc. VAT) offers an even more comprehensive solution.

By creating back-ups of the entire hard drive or specific files and folders, it's simple to reverse previously irreparable damage to your data by fully restoring it to a previous state.

By creating and using these so-called data images, even the most basic user can protect their laptop.

To ensure safety and ease-of-use, Recover Pro 6 keeps its operation simple and locks its back-ups away from prying eyes. When installed, the software automatically creates a new hidden partition on the hard drive, and keeps all back-ups safeguarded against tampering.

Creating or restoring a data image is quick and easy to accomplish via a few simple mouse-clicks. A tabbed interface allows access to all back-up and restoration options, and most operations can be achieved in as little as three clicks.

Further simplifying usability, running the first drive back-up creates a full drive image, while subsequent back-ups create incremental additions to the original data file. As more back-ups are created, the software automatically removes the older back-ups to clear space.

In the event that the user wants to access a single data file or folder from an older back-up, but doesn't need to fully restore the drive to a previous state, it's no problem to open an old drive image as if it were a separate drive partition, and then quickly pull out the required data.

By taking the drive imaging theory previously made popular by less usable applications and making them accessible to everyone, Phoenix Recover Pro 6 is an affordable and usable data recovery solution and an essential addition to any discerning laptop user's security arsenal. What Laptop staff