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Genius Look 1320 review

A webcam you can get excited about - almost

Quality-wise it's a straightforward 1.3 megapixel picture

Our Verdict

It's a perfectly decent webcam - that's about all there is to say


  • Does everything it should


  • Don't be fooled by the 'security' software

Low-cost webcams tend to get us about as excited as the prospect of a wet Wednesday with the Phone Box Enthusiasts Club of Great Britain.

Having said that, this effort from Genius has enough nifty real-time special effects to keep us simple types amused for at least 20 minutes or so. Quality-wise it's a straightforward 1.3 megapixel picture, thanks to a CMOS sensor that's probably been passed around the various manufacturers more frequently than the proverbial dutchie.

There's some security software included too, but as you'd expect from a £20 cam it's a bit ropey - you wouldn't trust it with guarding an egg and bacon sandwich, let alone your precious PC.

By and large, though, the 1320 should perform admirably on MSN/Skype duties and since you're not going to be filming Ghandi II on a webcam, that should be just fine.