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Cyber Snipa SWAT review

A mouse to give you the edge in those Quake IV deathmatches

Unlike many laser mice, the tracking rate isn't stupidly fast

Our Verdict

In the highly competitive gaming arena, this mouse may be just the thing to give you the edge


  • Sensible tracking rate

    Comfortable to use


  • Supplied software difficult to master

Yes, it's a daft name, and clearly aimed at the 1337 gamrz, but the Cyber Sniper SWAT is actually a superb mouse, provided you're of the right-handed persuasion. Crisp and smooth cursor response is always a winner, and the SWAT has it in spades.

And unlike many laser mice, the tracking rate isn't stupidly fast - you can switch between 800 and 1600dpi, which I found absolutely ample. It's also comfy, which is nice, and the side-buttons are well placed, so it's easy to avoid clicking them by accident.

By default, the basic buttons are back, forward and the last is unassigned, though it comes with software to assign controls and macros. It's not a well explained app though, and takes a bit of fiddling to get your head around. Still, out of the box, it performs well, and helped me win three Quake IV deathmatches off the bat. If that's not an endorsement of quality, then I don't know what is...