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Our Verdict

Almost the ideal platform for the desktop Llano, though some improved CPU performance wouldn't go amiss.


  • Teeny-tiny
  • Feature-packed


  • Weak CPU performance
  • Slightly expensive

Zotac is really making a mark for itself as a motherboard manufacturer, especially in the small form factor arena, and this Zotac A75-ITX WiFi certainly looks to continue that trend.

We checked out the Z68-ITX WiFi a little while back and its combination of packed PCB and impressive performance made it an incredibly interesting prospect for a wee Intel Sandy Bridge machine.

More suited to the smaller PC though is AMD's Llano APU. In a form factor where space is at a premium having decent graphics power on-chip makes for a well-rounded machine in a very tight space.

Intel's Sandy Bridge may also have integrated graphics but that hardly gives you much power beyond a little light media play and standard web-crawling.

The Llano APUs though have discrete-class graphics prowess, maybe not of the high-end calibre, but certainly far better than anything we've seen before.

So what compromises have been made to the A75 platform to squeeze it down into this small form factor?