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MSI A75MA-G55 review

A wee microATX board for the Llano generation

Our Verdict

Once the BIOS issues are ironed out it might be able to compete, until then it's sadly hobbled.


  • Good form factor for Llano
  • Decent feature set


  • No overclocking
  • Some driver instability

As part of the review kit for the AMD A8-3850 Fusion APU we were supplied with this MSI A75MA-G55. The Fusion chips ought to be at home in these sorts of small scale motherboards.

And recently it's all been about the small form factor motherboard.

The microATX form factor has been making one hell of a comeback since so much of your PC's tech has disappeared beneath the unassuming heatspreader of the central chunk of silicon in your machine.

Since graphics started to come back on-die it has freed up a hell of a lot of real-estate on the motherboard.

You can go one of two ways then, either cram in a load of, possibly, useless extras or trim down the footprint of the board to shave off the unnecessary space.

We've seen some tiny H67 and Z68 boards recently, even going as far as the mini-ITX form factor, and this MSI A75MA-G55 is the first AMD Llano Fusion board we've seen on a smaller scale.

The desktop version of Llano, the Lynx platform, lends itself perfectly to this smaller form factor.

With impressive integrated graphics performance and low-power requirements the A-series APUs make the perfect HTPC that might occasionally want to turn its hand to a li'l light gaming.

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