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Billion 7402GXL review

The broadband router you can take anywhere

Billion 7402GXL
If you've got a 3G dongle and are after a router, you'd be daft not to throw your cash at the Billion 7402GXL

Our Verdict

A good value alternative router


  • 4 ethernet ports
  • Decent transfer speeds
  • Fair price


  • No 802.11n support

Splashing out a bit of extra cash on a router with a 3G connection might seem a little frivolous if you've got a perfectly decent ADSL connection.

The comparative slowness of 3G broadband would make it seem like a waste of time.

But what about the downtime between connections when you move house? Hmm? What then? Or what if you live in the sticks – in the stickiest of sticks that doesn't even have broadband? See, spending a bit of cash on a 3G router might actually be a good idea after all.

Speedy downloads

Billion's solution works perfectly. Plugging a Three dongle into the USB port on the back of the router gave us an instant 512KB/s connection without entering any settings and we were up and running quickly.

A speed of half a meg isn't going to see you downloading a film a minute, but it's enough for general browsing and a quick TrackMania session. You could even create a Wi-Fi hotspot on a train and profit from fellow commuters.

The only thing the Billion router lacks is wireless-N. This is available on a more advanced model, albeit at double the cost. The router does, however, include four ethernet ports and a decent wireless range.

If you've got a 3G dongle and are after a router, you'd be daft not to throw your cash this way. The Billion 7402GXL could even replace your old, landline-connected, bank-account-draining broadband connection if you're prepared to sacrifice a bit of speed.