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*Belkin Network USB Hub review

A handy and speedy USB device


Our Verdict

Needs verdict


  • Cheaper than wireless alternative
  • Decent speeds


  • Can only be accessed by one user at a time

Plugging directly into any ol' router, the Belkin Network USB hub allows you to access any ol' USB device plugged into it from anywhere on your network.

If multiple users are on there wanting to use the device, you can easily send a usage request through the hub's software; unfortunately, two people can't use the same device at any one time.

In a home network this is unlikely to be a problem: a message shows up in the bottom left of the screen and, depending on how beneficent you're feeling, switching users is a simple enough matter.

Wireless speeds

It's when the network USB hub is plugged into a wireless router that it really impresses.

It's not quite as fast as a discrete wireless hub, but then to get those access speeds it basically needs to be sat right next to the machine you're working on anyway. With the wind blowing in a certain direction. And only when the moon is waxing, not waning…

The network hub though provides access anywhere you can pick up the signal from your wireless network. The only distance limitation being based on the router itself. Oh and it's a whole heap of a lot cheaper than the wireless USB hub too