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Flying camera makes aerial shots a doddle

This nifty little gadget brings a whole new meaning to the concept of aerial photographs. The Flying Stick Camera does what its name suggests - it looks like a stick, it's a camera and it flies if you rub it between your palms.

The camera concept, by industrial designer Tsunho Wang, uses the kinetic energy generated when you rub it to send the camera up in the air. Once airborne, it will automatically start shooting a series of shots of you on the ground, Yanko Design reports.

The resolution and other specs for the Flying Stick Camera concept are unknown.

Some aren't convinced, however. "It's pointless designing things without paying respect to physical constraints," Yanko Design reader Jan commented.

"This camera for example would have to rotate pretty fast to generate enough uplift. Now with a tiny CCD required to keep the weight down you just won't get a sharp picture, even in good lighting conditions with the sensor rotating. There's a line somewhere that separates actual industrial design from science fiction," Jan wrote.